Concrete restoration is the process of repairing older concrete construction, thus restoring it to its original appearance. This process of restoration can be used in a number of settings, from home construction and restoration to the restoration of sidewalks along city streets. In some cases, this process of concrete repair and restoration will leave the concrete object looking better than ever.

It is important to note that while repairs are part of the restoration process, there is a big difference between simple concrete repair and concrete restoration. With a simple repair job, concrete repair solutions focus on utility and may not include any attention to aesthetics. For example, a cracked sidewalk may be repaired by filling in the crack. While the sidewalk is repaired, there is still a scar on the surface. This means the sidewalk is patched and functional, but is not restored to its original appearance.

With a restoration job, the crack is not only to be filled in, but the surface of the entire section is buffed and sealed, making it virtually impossible to see any lingering signs of the crack. The overall effect is similar to that of removing the cracked section and replacing it with all new construction.

One of the advantages of concrete restoration is that the process is significantly less expensive that preparing new construction. This means that when the concrete structure is essentially stable and safe, spending a little time to treat blemishes, cracks, and areas discolored by oils and other elements will result in a desirable look without having to rip up and then replace the construction with something new. Going with restoration rather than replacement can save significant amounts of money, even when the restoration job involves something as simple as a driveway.

There is also the benefit of less time involved with a concrete restoration. Since there is no need to remove the old construction, a great deal of time is saved on the front end. Time is also saved in that restoration takes less time to set and dry than all new construction, meaning that the sidewalk or driveway will be accessible in a shorter period of time.

Concrete restoration can be used on just about any concrete surface. This includes concrete facades on internal and external walls as well as concrete walkways, floors and any other item constructed with concrete. Simple repair kits are available for home restoration projects, while more robust supplies may be employed by municipalities in the repair and restoration of concrete construction in public areas.